Strategic Management
Consulting Specialists

Barleda Consulting specialises in strategic management consultations and advisory services. Based in Pretoria East, South Africa, we connect with clients across Africa, providing an unparalleled service in terms of accuracy, and knowledge and understanding of strategic management. Our primary goal is to support and add value to the management of projects and institutions in Southern Africa through innovative solutions and strategies that generate maximum institutional efficiencies.

About Barleda Consulting

As a reputable company, Barleda Consulting subscribes to the principles of professionalism and excellence in all its work. We guarantee a 100% success rate on all tasks entrusted upon us. We have a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable consultants, with years of experience in a diverse set of fields. Our values include professionalism, integrity, accountability, reliability and excellence. Talk to us about your business requirements and stay ahead of the game.